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J-ZONE on nasty lyrics and crazy rappers

New York-born producer J-Zone is probably best known for his music but he’s also a lot of other things like a DJ, actor, teacher, ex-rapper, label-owner and a sports & music-journalist. And if that wasn’t enough he is also the man behind the... Fortsätt»

Chungking Mansion in Hong-Kong

“They´ll sell you anything” – Hash, weed, opium, heroine, ketamin, ice. If you are lucky you can find coke, that’s it Boom Baba says with a smile. Boom Baba is a second generation Hong Kong dude, originally from India. He’s working at... Fortsätt»

True Wine Connoisseurs

Everybody enjoys a good glass of wine and legendary rapper Sadat X is no exeption. Sadat and producer Will Tell is the guys behind the popular YouTube Series- True Wine Connoisseurs where Sadat rate different wines in his own special way. A lot has... Fortsätt»

Awesome clips of the 80′s

Everything is terrible - The site we're all frequenting. Movieclips from the days of mullets and neon. Funny as hell! We felt that we needed to ask the guys a couple of questions about the site. Fortsätt»

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